The Edge of Granite Countertops

//The Edge of Granite Countertops

The Edge of Granite Countertops

Adding the finishing touches to that elegant granite countertop can very well be the make or break of the entire installation. It is then necessary to know about the different types of Granite Countertop Edges Michigan available, so that one can make an informed decision. Budget, functionality, availability, safety, and style are general considerations when making such choice. The budget and availability will be a helpful tool that can narrow one’s list. Functionality and safety will serve as a guide to getting the appropriate Granite Countertop Edges Michigan that the family needs. Style will be a reflection of the home owner’s personal preference.

The basic and most popular type of Granite Countertop Edges Michigan is the eased or straight edge. All fabricators start with this edge, it is simple and a favorite among home owners who prefer to do the installation themselves. It is also a cheaper type of edge and goes well with granite countertop backsplashes. The backsplash is that vertical portion of countertop material that rises above the countertop against the wall. It can match, complement, or contrast with the countertop. A chamfer is often added along the upper corner of the eased edge to lessen its sharpness and to prevent the granite from chipping. Another simple Granite Countertop Edges Michigan is the bull nose, wherein the entire thickness of the edge is rounded. The profile of this edge resembles a semi circle or a bull’s nose ring hence the name. It is ideal for families with small children running around the house, a safer and more practical alternative. Its roundness not only protects the granite from chipping but also reduces the possibility of injury from bumps and falls. Edges of the more expensive types on the granite countertop are the bevel edge and ogee edge. Bevels are 45 degree cuts into the edge of the stone, while ogees include a ridge line and form the shape of an “S”. These edges offer a dramatic visual for a more sophisticated granite countertop look. Then comes the custom edge, as the word suggests this edge pertains to more fancier and more elaborate designs that require more cutting, and polishing, easily the most expensive type of edge.

A granite countertop is a big enough investment to have in your home. Ending up with the functional sort of Granite Countertop Edges Michigan that will accentuate the beauty of your chosen kitchen design is possible with proper planning and careful deliberation. Of course it is best that one should be happy with what they are getting without finding themselves at the edge of their budget.

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