How Much Does a Finished Basement Cost in MI?

//How Much Does a Finished Basement Cost in MI?

How Much Does a Finished Basement Cost in MI?

Comparing the cost of having a finished basement MI is difficult, and there are many variables at play. One of the biggest variables is who will do the work. A professional basement contractor will likely put the cost of finishing your basement MI at $15-25 per square foot. This is pretty affordable, especially when you consider the other options:

  • Contractor or doing it yourself? When you finish a basement yourself, there is a significant time investment. After all, you will need to go to work every day, and then work on your basement in your spare time. You will be tempted to cut corners to save time, and the result could be a very unprofessional job. In addition, doing it yourself could possibly lower the value of your home. If a potential buyer comes in and sees that you did a shoddy job in finishing your basement, then they could factor in the cost of having to tear out your work to put in a professional job. Mistakes could prove costly as well. A professional contractor will work while you are working and minimize mistakes. You will have a professional job that is of good quality, and you will have it much quicker.
  • Contractor or someone who does it on the side? Having friends who know how to finish basements can be tempting, but think of the problems here. First, there is a liability issue. Will your friend guarantee their work? And will any problems with the build affect your friendship? Some things are not worth risking. A professional contractor will guarantee their work, and you will not have any personal issues in having to call them to fix a problem, if there are any. In addition, having someone who does it on the side also opens you up to costly repairs down the line.
  • Contractor or not doing it at all? Consider the worth of that space. Finishing your basement can add loads of value to your home. Not only that, but having a finished basement will also add living space that you will enjoy using for years to come. That has to be a factor when you are considering finishing your basement.

Instead of using your basement as glorified storage, or risking damage to your home with amateur work, call a professional basement contractor to finish your home with the level of quality that you are looking for in a finished basement cost MI.

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