Granite Countertops: Price Factors MI

//Granite Countertops: Price Factors MI

Granite Countertops: Price Factors MI

Quality has its price and wanting something truly remarkable for your home means it is nothing short of being cheap. Though many may argue that the use of granite countertops comes at a very high price, no one can deny its usefulness and elegance. Granite Countertop Price Michigan usually ranges from twenty-five US dollars to seventy US dollars. The price of granite will vary depending on a variety of factors. It is best to study each feature to be able to get the best deal possible.

Granite Countertop Price Michigan is affected because of the transportation costs that will be incurred upon delivery of the said item, the farther you are to reach the more costly it will be, and bigger cuts of granite also require additional safety handling measures. The trick is to locate granite suppliers nearest to you. Needless to say, the size, thickness and type of material for the granite also affect its price. The thicker your granite countertops, the more it costs. The preferred thickness for granite countertops is generally at 3 cm. or 1.25″ thick. Most slabs used for counters are roughly at this size but note that since it is a naturally occurring stone mineral, its thickness varies across the entire expanse of the slab. Installers often shore up parts of the slab so that all areas remain supported and uniform in appearance. Exotics, blues, and hard to finds are more costly too. Edge treatment also adds to the cost and affects Granite Countertop Price Michigan. A complicated edge treatment means more fabrication, hence a more expensive finished product. Opt for a simpler but safe edge treatment. The full bullnose is a popular choice. Its rounded edges make it safe for children around the house.

Admittedly, granite installation can be quite expensive. But there are ways available to lessen the cost. Choose neutral and more common colors -brown and green go well with many wood finishes, plus they are more affordable too. Use granite tile instead of granite slab, an inexpensive alternative for those who are really into granite but are a little short on the budget. Note that more seams will be present in your countertops; this is easily dealt with by using epoxy instead of mortar and grout for faster cleaning. Also look for discounts and promos available in your area. Granite Countertop Price Michigan is more competitive due to the rise of a number of ready suppliers. Remember that the bigger the supply, the lower the prices will be.

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