Granite Kitchen Sinks in MI: Fashionably Hard and Heavy

//Granite Kitchen Sinks in MI: Fashionably Hard and Heavy

Granite Kitchen Sinks in MI: Fashionably Hard and Heavy

Choosing the latest in kitchen design does not actually stop from the granite countertop – it further extends to the pairing of the Granite Kitchen Sink Michigan. This big and heavy basin can be carved from a block of granite either by hand or automated tooling, or it can be assembled and bonded together from several pieces or slabs of granite. The walls and bottom of the sink are polished and honed to smoothness. The seams are perfectly sealed to make the sink watertight. It is available in single bowl and double bowl.

Granite Kitchen Sink Michigan has most definitely captured the eye of kitchen designers due to its beauty, elegance, and timeless quality. Some sink designs even have exposed surfaces that emphasize the fineness of the granite. Its durability and longevity are also key points in opting for this type of sink. If you are the type who wants periodic remodeling done in your kitchen, removing and installing a granite sink can be pretty taxing since it is not easily replaceable. One must really be ready to commit to this type of sink for a very long time. Of course, Granite Kitchen Sink Michigan is known to weigh roughly about several hundred pounds. Hence, make sure that enough support structures are provided by professional installers. It is flexible in the sense that you can dictate its size, although manufacturers limit the depth to nine inches for reasons of ergonomic comfort. The downside of having a granite sink is that it tends to have a flatter bottom. This may cause residual water to remain standing in the bottom of the sink because of the lack of sufficient slope toward the drain. This will be troublesome indeed since it requires constant wiping and drying. Its maintenance also involves periodic sealing since granite is a porous stone that needs protection from moisture and staining. Manufacturers give prior sealing to the granite but this will not suffice, as owners sealing will still be a part of its regular maintenance. Compared to stainless sinks, granite sinks have less splashing meaning there will be less cleaning required.

The uniqueness and individuality inherent in granite make the Granite Kitchen Sink Michigan one of a kind. And since no two granite slabs are alike, it would be like a personalized signature basin in your very own kitchen. This novelty adds to the value of your home. Albeit it will be rather costly to install, the Granite Kitchen Sink Michigan is definitely on its way in many luxurious custom kitchens throughout the country.

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